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flyer distribution

When distributed across multiple cities, advert materials like flyers and door hangers become one of the easiest ways to promote your brand or service on a larger scale.

Even in today’s digital age, admail remains a popular marketing tool for small and medium businesses—and it’s easy to understand why. With minimal fuss you can target consumers, measure leads and expand your reach in new areas.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your business distributes 500 promotional flyers across several neighbourhoods in the GTA. If 100 consumers respond to your promo in the Toronto and Mississauga areas, you can easily determine your direct response rate (5 percent). You also know which cities to target again in the future.

Local Print vs. Canada Post
Considering flyer distribution with a big company like Canada Post? You may reconsider after reading these drawbacks.

  • Expensive: Canada Post charges over $.15 per piece, versus the reasonable rates firmly held by locally-based SMBs.
  • Basic Service: Canada Post only delivers door hangers to recipients’ mailboxes; they don’t actually take the time to hang them.
  • Mass Distribution: Many companies will distribute heaps of flyers at once, making it all too easy for your piece of advertising to get lost in the bustle.

Flyer Distribution – Calgary, Vancouver & Toronto
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