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Printing Places in Toronto

Although there are many printing businesses in the GTA, the types of printing options really boil down to three major categories. Each is specific to the type, volume, and quality of print job required. Here is a review of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Option 1: Small Digital Print Shops –the numerous,typical corner-store or mall-shop printing businesses.

  • Because their equipment is composed of larger versions of the home copier and printer, they are able to offer quick service at a good price. Wait time may be one-hour to next-day. This is great for developing digital photos quickly or obtaining enlargements of favourite images.
  • Even with multiple copies (less than 1 000), the price is an advantage.
  • However, what is sacrificed to speed is quality. Small photo shops such as these simply cannot produce high quality prints on their equipment.

Option 2: Off-Set Printing Press Companies- not found in a strip mall or major shopping area, as this type of business usually does not deal directly with the public.

  • Using large, superior equipment, great quality printing is produced.
  • Since these presses generally run multiple thousands of prints at a time, they are able to offer lower prices on larger orders (greater than 1 000).
  • Orders under 1 000 will generally cost the customer more due to the high set-up cost incurred for a relatively small order. The order, however, will be of exceptional quality.
  • Wait times may be a few days to a week, but for businesses looking to generate professional level printed products, the extra wait for the finished work is well worth it.

Option 3: The Print Broker- We fall under this category

  • We mentioned in option 2 that these large printing companies often don’t deal with the public (most of our wholesalers). This is because with the high volume of print their machinery produces, they can’t provide all the necessary customer service. They prefer to deal with people like Printing Peach who handle all the customer service and simply hand them a perfectly set-up print file, ready to go.
  • Obviously, we are somewhat biased 🙂 but we honestly feel that the print broker generally offers the best value. Especially when they are one of the largest brokers in Canada like us, with lots of ‘buying power’ to leverage lower pricing!
  • We can offer exceptional prices on extremely high quality products and have a huge range of products and services at our fingertips as we are not limited to equipment we own.


In conclusion, certainly the choice is yours and will depend on your needs: i.e. lowest price, highest quality, time-frame etc. If you think Printing Peach could be a good option for you,

feel free to contact us  at:    1-888-587-2383 extension one for print sales.
Or, check out our online pricing.