Professional Blueprint Printing

High quality, Low Price, Shipped Anywhere in Canada

If you’re looking for professional quality Blueprints at a competitive price, we can help!

We can print almost any blueprint job, up to size E Blueprints (36″ x 48″).

Black and White Pricing:

  • Less than 300 sq. ft total printing – $0.59/sq. ft
  • 300 sq. ft or more total printing – $0.55/sq. ft

Colour Pricing (only for 12 x 18 and 11 x 17 sizes):

  • $0.95/sq. ft

Our Blueprints are all printed on 20 lbs Engineering stock on a high quality Laser printer.

Call 1-888-587-2383 or email to make your order.


Blueprint Printing Q&A

What Sizes do you Print?

We can print any standard size up to 36 x 48. That means sizes A, B, C, D and E. We can also do custom sizes.

Do You Have a Minimum Quantity?

This does depend on the size, but generally we do 50 as our minimum. We can do less than that in larger sizes. For example, 25 size E (36 x 48) would work out to 300 square feet.

How Do I Figure Out a Price?

You can figure out your price by taking the square footage of the Blueprint and multiplying it by the quantity you want then applying the price per square foot for whatever category it falls into. For example, a 24 3 36 (2 x 3 feet) is 6 square feet. If you want 100 copies that is 600 square feet so your price would be 600 times $0.55 which is $330.

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