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Posted 6 years ago is one of Canada's leading online print companies. We provide outstandingly low print prices shipped anywhere in Canada all combined with traditional 'mom & pop' style service! Take a look at our print pricing or give us a call now at 1-888-587-2383.

brochures-PPA colourful, professional looking brochure is an excellent way to notify current customers and prospective clients of the total range of your services. Placed in the waiting area of your business, or mailed out to an appropriate demographic, an attractive brochure will be picked up and perused, where other forms of advertising may not be noticed.

Brochures come in several different forms. Some are essentially glossy flyers, printed on one or both sides. More conventional ones are bi-fold or triple folded, using each panel to present a different aspect of your business. The back panel is usually used for contact information, and a map to your location. Such a small piece of advertising packs a lot of information in without looking cluttered.

If you plan to have brochures printed, be sure to make it worth your time and expense. A print job that is low quality is almost worse than none at all, as it reflects poorly on your business.

At Printing Peach, we think we are, hands down, your best choice for print jobs; our many happy customers attest to this. Because all of our print orders go to highly professional printers that use offset presses, superior quality is guaranteed. We offer an array of choices in size, finish, and fold options. You can use your own graphics, or have our designers create them for you. With lots of experience in the business, they have a good sense of what will catch the eye of the public. We take the time to get it right by your standards; if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

Oh, and did I mention that we have such competitive pricing that we don’t think anyone else can match us for that either?!

Just like you, we are a business that strives to meet our clients’ needs with the utmost professionalism. If our work reflects positively on you, then we have done our job well. Check our video on brochures and our other products and give us a call for further information.

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