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Posted 6 years ago is one of Canada's leading online print companies. We provide outstandingly low print prices shipped anywhere in Canada all combined with traditional 'mom & pop' style service! Take a look at our print pricing or give us a call now at 1-888-587-2383.

magnets-(3)Are you in need of business cards in Burlington Ontario? Cards that will do your business justice? Cards that are so far above the average in quality that they will stand out from all the rest? Cards that will say, “We are as professional in our business as these cards suggest!”

You are fortunate that one of the best printing companies in all of Canada is located right in your neighbourhood. Printing Peach in Burlington has offered outstanding quality printing and unmatched customer service to our clients for years. Because we are a print broker, choosing the print companies that do the best job on your particular printing needs, we don’t do our own printing on inferior equipment. You can go to your local Staples or Walmart for that.

The companies we deal with use state-of-the-art offset printing presses, dealing with large orders. Having done a high volume of business with them for years, we are able to benefit from low, preferred customer costs, which we then pass on to our own customers. It may surprise you that, although our products are  top quality, our prices are actually much LOWER than those your corner store print shop or office supply store can offer.

Besides the quality and price advantages, Printing Peach offers multiple options for your business cards. You can send us your own design, or have our professional designers develop one for you. Your cards can be printed on one or both sides, with various finishes, with conventional square corners or rounded ones. You may even wish to try our plastic opaque or solid white plastic cards. We can offer cards of various thicknesses as well.

In the end, you will receive business cards you can be proud to distribute, cards that say, “Give us a call. We’re worth it.”

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