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Posted 3 years ago is one of Canada's leading online print companies. We provide outstandingly low print prices shipped anywhere in Canada all combined with traditional 'mom & pop' style service! Take a look at our print pricing or give us a call now at 1-888-587-2383.

print-advAt Printing Peach, we understand that you will not settle for mediocre quality for your business printing needs.  You want:

  • your business cards to reflect your professionalism while being eye-catching enough to demand another look.
  • your brochures to do more than fill the racks in your office customer service area. You want them to be fully informative about every aspect that your business offers.
  • your door hangers and flyers to be read, read again, passed around, and then acted upon.
  • your signage to stand out, be easy to read at a glance, and say in a couple words what you are all about.

At Printing Peach, we understand, because we have been, and continue to be in your position. We have experimented with multiple approaches and found what works best for us. We have hired competent professionals for designing and carrying the product through to completion. We have hand-picked the large commercial printing companies that excel in the production of high quality print and give us preferred customer rates, prices we pass on to you.

We commit to spending time getting to know our clients’ needs and working with them until we are both satisfied before a proof goes to print.

We service not only the GTA, but also all of Canada with expedited delivery service.

-And all of this at surprisingly low prices.

Check us out!

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