Our Graphic Design Service!

The Details & Samples of Our Work

Our flat fee design service includes your initial set of proofs, +4 rounds of revisions (5 versions total). With proper instruction from the client, this is more than enough 95% of the time. If necessary, additional rounds of revisions will cost $15.

We currently have two full-time graphic designers as well as several designers employed on an as needed basis to bring to life the ideas of our clients. We pride ourselves on making the process enjoyable, and producing an end result that the client is extremely excited about!

We have a standing policy that if we cannot bring a client to a place where there fully satisfied with their design, we will refund 100% of any design fees paid up until that point. To give you an idea of how consistently happy our clients are, we estimate that we have completed 2500 design jobs since starting in 2007. Of those 2500 jobs we have had to refund a design fee a total of one time! That’s a 99.9% success rate, something we are very proud of.

Here is the general workflow for our design service:

  • Place your design order here or call 1-888-587-2383 ext 1.
  • You will be asked to provide instructions including the text content for your print piece as well as any existing images such as your logo or product imagery etc. We can also provide a wide variety of high quality stock photography at no additional cost if there is a piece of photography you need.
  • First proofs will be put together by one of our designers and sent to you by e-mail for your feedback.
  • From their you work with your designer requesting revisions by e-mail or phone.
  • Typically design jobs go through at least a few revisions, but once you’re totally happy you approve your proofs for print.

Recent design Work

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