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The prospect of returning to work after maternity leave or after quite a considerable absence can sometimes be very daunting. You can feel removed from the work environment, almost as if you'd been on a very, very lengthy holiday.

It goes without saying of course that the time you have spent away has been anything but a relaxing time and you feel as if you have been working all the hours available, as it is! Even so, it's time to devote yourself to your career again and to look at the reconstruction of your rsum or CV.

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1. Be positive about the situation. During your time off you have amassed several new skills. Just add them up time management, new project management, multitasking and coping all have improved significantly. When you have to manage a typical home and be responsible for bringing up a new arrival, you should not underestimate the skills that you are able to master and they should be added to your rsum.

2. Those who are involved with coaching for women say that you should put together a "functional" rsum. This type of approach lists your skills and qualifications rather than focusing on a chronological list of employers. As such, you are definitely focusing on your experience and this should be stressed in the body of the document. Simply list your employers and don't mention the dates, but focus on your qualifications, experience and skill set.

3. Don't be defensive when it comes to your time off for maternity leave. Some women think that employers look at someone who puts family before work in a bad light, but there are a lot more worrisome reasons for them to consider, including enforced unemployment, a lack of drive, etc. You should never apologise about your contribution to society!

4. While you have been away from work, you may well have taken on some voluntary tasks, attended evening classes or some other extracurricular activity. Put all this experience into a positive light and include it on your rsum. This will show that you are well capable of being a home keeper and a mother at the same time and can dovetail your interests and duties through multitasking, which your employer will appreciate.

5. Reveal how in control you can be, by showing that you have a plan to manage the time that you are away. For instance, it is far better to say that you had a plan to be with your new baby until a set date, a certain age, for example. This is far better than saying that you we're prepared to stay at home until your child was ready, or to refer to some other nebulous plan. Once again, it shows that you are in control.

6. Research before you think about sending out rsums. How long we're you away for? Find out if anything significant has changed in a prospective employer's business. This will prompt you to learn about new operating procedures, or to catch up on specific areas of education, for example. Make sure that you include this on your rsum, as it will strengthen your position.

7. Don't think that you need to restrict any references to business clients and you can also refer to contacts that you made during your absence, as well. By networking and moving in your regular circles during your time away from work, you will have built up a good list of contacts who will be able to attest to your character, composition and reliability.

In our modern society, professional coaching advice from online life coaching experts can help you to focus on all that is positive in your life, so that you come up with a perfectly presentable rsum.

Amanda Alexander, Director of Coaching Mums, helps pressure-cooked, stressed working mums who long for more hours in the day. Through her coaching programmes and online life coaching courses, Amanda shows mums how to create fulfilling and successful lives.

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