Smartphones are becoming invaluable tools for entrepreneurs

As mobile device technology evolves, more entrepreneurs are using it's advantages to conduct business and run their companies. Smartphones, in particular, have an endless amount of invaluable tools that contribute to saving money, time, and energy. If you're looking for ways to become more efficient in your day-to-day operations, these devices will help you do that.

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Here are eight reasons why smartphones are becoming invaluable tools for entrepreneurs, and why you should consider arming yourself with one in the near future.

8. Keeping Schedules

If you have multiple appointments scheduled throughout the day, it's a nightmare to keep track of the who, what, when, and where (unless you can afford a secretary). Well, with smartphones like the Blackberry z10, you can organize all of your meetings in a systemic way so you can receive alerts and notifications. Nothing is worse than ditching an important meeting, so consolidate your activities in one place to help you keep track of them.

7. Using GPS Navigation

OK, so your smartphone has alerted you that you of an important engagement. Whether you're conducting business in Mumbai or traveling to a meeting in Delhi, having GPS navigation is a useful tool to have to avoid getting lost or stuck in traffic.Nothing annoys potential customers or clients more than running late, and your smartphone's GPS navigation will giveyou live traffic updates, estimated time of arrival, and lane assist directions that'll get you where you need to go on time.

6. Conducting Last-Minute Research

OK, so you've made the meeting on time and want to present some additional facts and figures after your customer or client has asked questions. Having a smartphone has reinvented the way entrepreneurs access information and how fast they attain it. With a few swipes on your touchscreen, you have unlimited data that you can use to better help sell your product or service.

5. Updating Social Media Accounts

Smartphones make social media marketing easier by letting you update statuses, comment on posts, or share important information from anywhere at any time. Instead of wasting time standing in line or waiting in someone's office doing nothing, you can use your smartphone to put that time to good use and reach out to potential clients and customers.

4. Getting Immediate Answers

If you're potential customer or client asks you a question and you don't know the answer, there's no need to panic and scramble for it. By owning a smartphone, you've given yourself access to a lot of answers to any kinds of questions. Whether it's checking your company website to look up product information or using Google to find something more specific, you can give and immediate and correct answer in an instant.

3. Accessing Your Contact Information

A smartphone makes your entire address book available to you no matter where you're at, including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and any other pertinent information you may need to know on the go. You can also sync your address book with your social media networks so you don't have to add your new contacts multiple times. With this system, you do it once and you're done.

2. Accessing Client and Customer Data

If you need to keep track of orders, inquiries, and your history with a client or customer, your smartphone is the most efficient and convenient tool for the job. Like the aforementioned, anything is accessible at your fingertips which means faster communication between you and your clients and better customer service.

1. Taking Advantage of Apps

There's an endless amount of applications out there that can do just about anything you want. Whether you want to conduct business operations, manage employees, or perform financial reviews, there's an app available to help you if you own a smartphone. With more than one million apps, you're sure to find the best ones that'll help you remain efficient and on top of your game.

It's said that India has the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. What this means for you, the entrepreneur, is that if you don't follow the trend, you'll likely get left behind. With so many features to help organize your business life and keep you connected with potential (or current) clients and customers, it's highly recommended you take advantage of what these devices have to offer. Are you an entrepreneur who owns a smartphone? If so, how have you been using your smartphone to benefit your own business?

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