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What are Peach Points?

Peach Points are reward points earned with every order you make with Printing Peach. Once your order begins printing you’ll be awarded with the amount of Peach Points stated on the shopping cart page when you ordered. Peach Points can be redeemed to give you a discount on future orders.


How do I use Peach Points?

Once you have some Peach Points on your account you can follow these steps to redeem them for a discount:


1. Go to the Printing Peach Home Page. In the top left corner, click “My Account”.



2. Login to your account using your E-Mail Address and Password.You can reset your password using the “Forgotten Password” link if needed.



3. Click the “Continue Shopping” button in the top left of the page to go back to the main page.



4. Select your products, and Add them to the Cart as usual.



5. Scroll to the bottom of the Cart page and click the “Use Peach Points” bullet. Enter the number of Points you wish to use.



6. Success! Your Order Total should now an indicate a discount for redeeming your Peach Points!


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