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Posted 6 years ago is one of Canada's leading online print companies. We provide outstandingly low print prices shipped anywhere in Canada all combined with traditional 'mom & pop' style service! Take a look at our print pricing or give us a call now at 1-888-587-2383.

PRINT colourThe search for a good print house in Toronto could take a very long time unless you have an idea just what you’re looking for. If you just need a fast, low quality job for a private party invitation, for example, then you should be able to walk into any corner store print shop, or your local Walmart or Staples, and walk out with the print job in hand in no time. But if you need a high quality, professional looking product that will reflect the image you want your business to portray, you will need to look further.

At Printing Peach, we think we have the very best quality, variety, and customer service of any printing company in the whole GTA. With many testimonials from satisfied customers to attest to our claim, we think you should join their ranks.

Why are we your best option?

  • Our prices are not just competitive; they’re lower than even those of the fast print store variety with much inferior quality to ours. We have been able to take advantage of preferred customer pricing due to our high volume of business with print companies, and you, the customer, wins in the long run.
  • Although there are several quality levels to choose from, even our cheapest print jobs are exceptionally high quality. This is because the print companies we use operate with large, offset printing presses, and because we would not think of delivering inferior products to you.
  • We are able to offer many options on each of our printing products. You choose the thickness of business cards, the finish on your print job, the colours, and even whether to go with conventional card stock or plastic materials. We print everything from door hangars and brochures to oversized posters and banners.
  • We are only happy with your order when you are. Our customer service guys and designers will work with you until you are satisfied.
  • We deliver across Canada with fast service.

We can’t think of a single reason why you would choose anyone else for your professional print jobs. Give us a call and become part of our fan club!

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