We Love Realtors!


We love Realty Agents and we are uniquely positioned to offer you the right combination of great customer service, the best prices, and a business relationship you can count on! Here’s what we can offer you:

Half Price Custom Designs!

We offer extremely competitive flat rate design fees on all of our printed materials. For real estate agents, we go above and beyond and offer these design services at HALF our regular pricing. Please see the design fee listed in the printing product pages and cut that fee in half. Some example Half-price design costs would be:

  • Postcard Design: $47.50
  • Flyer Design: $74.50
  • Brochure Design: $74.50
  • Business Card Design: $34.50
  • Door Hanger Design: $59.50
  • Pocket Folder Design: $39.50

Unbeatable Prices on Print!

If you browse through the product pages of the website, you will find that our prices are extremely competitive, especially when considering the top-notch quality of our product and the amount of personal attention and service you receive. That being said, if you are getting better pricing somewhere else, WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!! Please give us the opportunity to price match or price beat. We want to do whatever’s necessary to get your business.

Custom Tailored Web Design and Marketing Services

We have a lot of experience working with realtors. We estimate that this is 20% of our business which is more than any other industry. That means we are familiar with your industry, your needs, and unique concerns.

With this knowledge in mind, we have successfully implemented websites, and more importantly, web marketing solutions to drive new business, for a number of our real estate agents. With the proper blend of beautiful design, clean web implementation, SEO and SEM services, we are quickly becoming specialists in the real estate web design/web marketing field. Many web development companies that provide such a well-rounded service are literally charging $8-$10,000 for real estate websites. Through our unique streamlined approach, we are able to produce real estate specific websites generally from $2000-$4000. This could include streaming MLS listings, streaming Twitter or Facebook updates, as well as an administration area where you can manage everything about the website on your own.

Please call today to discuss what we can do for you in terms of creating new business through the web. 1-888-587-2383 extension 2.

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