Web Marketing That's REAL!

Yes, it Works!

Our services really do work and we have the clients and references to prove it.

Web marketing for small business involves a lot of things these days. You want your website to be found when people search Google, Bing and Yahoo. You want it come up in the Ad results, as well as the regular organic search results. You want to be found on social media, classified sites etc. etc.
Well… We have you covered!

We offer two different web marketing services. Our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) service, and our SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  service. Read about them below. You can choose either one of the services, or do both for huge impact and a 40% discount on your SEO.


Our REALdeal SEM service which places your website in all the major search engine Ad results as well as other possible online advertising opportunities such as Facebook, Kijiji and eBay.

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Our REALdeal SEO service. We can get you to the top of Google's nonpaid search results. In an industry full of empty promises and unrealistic projections, we are a company you can trust. We have the track record and references to prove it!

Dominate & Do Both!

The truth is that serious companies almost always do both paid advertising (SEM) and SEO to be at the top of the nonpaid search results. Naturally, we discount rates for such clients.

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Every Client Is Unique!

What you need is going to be unique. Give us a call today to have a friendly and informative conversation about what we could do for you. We take pride in our ability to break things down into terminology which everybody can understand.

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References for Our Work!

Feel free to contact these clients. You will be pleased to hear the positive results we have had for their businesses.

Paul Joudrey (Ontario Exterior Solutions)

Rich Henry (Titan Transline)
(905) 659-8595

Glen Sheepwash (Real Estate Agent)

Rachel Botelho (Uptown Dental)
(289) 288-0273

Jonathan Haslehurst (Medical Foot Solutions)
(289) 878-7334

Dominate &Come up Twice on Page 1!

Dominate your competition by coming up ranking at the top of the search engines both in the Ad results as well as in the organic/non-paid search results! When you work with us using both our SEO and SEM services we are able to offer you significantly discounted rates.

Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation, the goals you wish to achieve and what we can do for you.

Call 1-888-587-2383 ext2

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