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REALdeal SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Be at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo in less than a week!

Our REALdeal SEM service is all about getting you the absolute maximum amount of exposure and relevant traffic each month through the major search engine Ad listings as well as Facebook and other advertising platforms.

We have clients who have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars from new business acquired through our services. Give us a call today to discuss your unique situation and what we could do for you.

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Here's some of what you can expect with our REALdeal web marketing service:

Real Deal Web Marketing

Our Packages!

We have packages to work with just about any marketing budget. Which level package is best for you will depend largely on the products or services you offer, your location and your marketing goals. With higher-level packages you can expect to see a much greater level of exposure especially within Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Give us a call today to discuss which package would be best for you. Call 1-888-587-2383 ext2.

Bronze - $179/m Silver - $299/m Gold - $499/m Platinum - $899/m
Google Ads
Google Content Network
Bing Ads
Yahoo Ads
Kijiji Ads
Ebay Ads
Website Improvments
Site Conversion Optimization
Site Facelift
New Website
Site Downtime Monitor
Monthly Support 1hr 2hr 5hr 10hr
Social Networking
Custom Social Marketing Plan
Facebook Ads
Reputation Managment extra extra extra
Forum Hype extra extra

What to Expect

When you sign up, we will consult with you to fully understand your business, and the goals you have for your business. We will use this to properly strategize and plan for your account and your success!

You will receive a report from us each month letting you know what we've been up to and progress that has been made.

We will work with you to reach a point where your investment with us each month results in a significant return on investment. Our goal is long-term relationships so we are dedicated to making this work. We have only succeeded when you are succeeding!

*There is a six month commitment with our REALdeal web marketing packages.

Questions, Ready to Start?

Give us a call! We are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help.

Call 1-888-587-2383 ext2

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is Google's advertising program. We are a certified Google partner and will work on your behalf to have your ads display when people search for keywords relevant to your business as you see in the example below.

Google's Content Network

This is the part of Google's advertising program that allows us to have your ads display in people's email inboxes as well as a wide variety of other high traffic resources on the net. It's very unique in that we can set up your campaign to only display your ads when people are talking about a related subject in their email or on a related webpage.

Google Content Network Management

Bing Advertising

We work with Bing which is owned by Microsoft and will work on your behalf to have your ads display when people search for keywords relevant to your business as you see in the example below.

Bing Ad Management

Yahoo Advertising

We work with Yahoo and will work on your behalf to have your ads display when people search for keywords relevant to your business as you see in the example below.

Yahoo Advertising Management

Kijiji Advertising

We can have Ads placed for your business or website in the sponsored links area of Kijiji as in the example below.

eBay Advertising

We can have Ads placed for your business or website in the sponsored links area of eBay as in the example below.

Site Conversion Optimization

There would be nothing worse than to create the exposure you need for your website only to have the website not convert traffic into customers. It would be like creating a beautiful cake and then not baking it :-)

Our conversion optimization makes sure that your website presents your product or service in a convincing manner and that the necessary pieces of information are there such as contact information, address and pricing information if applicable. It's amazing what small changes to content can do to your conversion rate.

While this service does not cover things like design or graphic improvements it will ensure that your website communicates the necessary information in a convincing manner.

If this process uncovers more serious issues such as poor browser compatibility or accessibility issues we will bring it to your attention and suggest solutions.


This is taking the site conversion optimization one step further and working with your existing website to make it look that much better and more professional. You well may be amazed at the difference we are able to make. This would often include things like improved graphics, improved backgrounds, improved navigation, improved images etc. etc. This service includes up to eight hours of development time.

New Website

For those of you choosing our Gold or Platinum package you may opt to have a completely new website built rather than optimizing and improving the existing website. Often times if a website is based on older technology or just significantly 'dated' this is the best solution. This includes up to 30 hours of development time.

Site Downtime Monitor

With our Gold and Platinum packages we will monitor your website daily to check to see if the website has gone down and notify you if it does. When you're spending significant amounts of money marketing your website, it's important that it work!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the process of optimizing your site to rank well in the non-sponcered results in search engines for the keywords that are best for you. Basically, it's the process of making sure your site is accessible to the search engines and that they feel your highly relevant for the keywords which matter most for you. This process increases your chance of ranking well 'organically' in the search engines.

Phone and Email Support On-Demand

Our graphic design, web development, web marketing and customer service staff are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Your monthly support time can be used for advice, improvements to your website, graphic design etc.

Social Networking Marketing Plan

Every business thrives off of social relationships… Social media such as Facebook Twitter and Google plus is just taking those relationships online to expand your customer base and reach.

Social media is very much a 'buzz' term right now. It is a rapidly expanding part of the web and for many businesses a strong social presence is a must. However, many businesses don't understand social media with a great degree of clarity or understand how it could work for them.

We will discuss with you your business, goals etc. and put together a social media marketing plan custom tailored for you.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is not for everybody, but if it's a good fit for you, we will create and manage your ads on Facebook displaying only two people within very specified demographics or niches. Talk to us about whether Facebook would be right for you!


Google plus is gaining steam! We will work with you to implement a strategy for Google plus including things like interconnecting her Google plus account and website, causing your Google plus profile image to display in Google search results, and potentially integrate Google plus into your overall social marketing media plan.


For people in the right industries, twitter can be very powerful. We will work with you to determine whether twitter is something you should be using to further your business. If so, we will help you each step of the way in fulfilling your twitter goals!

Reputation Management

The Internet is an open forum. It can be devastating to your business if an unhappy client posts something online which is suddenly appearing as a negative review for your business when somebody is considering working with you.

We will work with you to either remove the unflattering post or push it down in the search results to the point where it's out of sight out of mind.

Forum Hype

We will research to find out if there is forums online where your business should be mentioned. This could include things like If there are people discussing your business who could be potential customers, we will make sure you are mentioned in a positive light.

A Recent Message From a Client

Grey Laney


A funny thing happened last week. I got a postcard type mailer from a company called CPASiteSolutions out of Winooksi VT. It says 17,033 potential clients "didn't see you" 18,120 people seached Google in Orlando this year. 94% never looked past the first page.
On the back side is shows the search and they circle five of there clients who were on the first page. One was a paid google ad.
I looked at the illustration closely and wondered when they did this search.
Lo and behold who is #2 in their flyer (not one of their clients) little ol me!

If this makes a good Facebook ad for your Printing Peach please feel free to use this information.
Thanks for all you have done for my Google ranking!


If you want I'll scan the flyer to and email it to you!


References for Our Work!

Feel free to contact these clients. You will be pleased to hear the positive results we have had for their businesses.

Twyla Lapointe (Photographer)

Dan Sullivan (Orthodontist)
204 943 7573

Rich Henry (Titan Transline)
(905) 659-8595

Matthew McNab (KwikDry Total Cleaning Ottawa)
(613) 612-9315

Rachel Botelho (Uptown Dental)
(289) 288-0273

Alisha McAsh (Wedding Photographers)
(519) 951-9027

Rob Dorland (Top Seal Ottawa)
(613) 322-1052

Jonathan Haslehurst (Medical Foot Solutions)
(289) 878-7334






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