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REALdeal SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In an Industry Full of Empty Promises & Sharks, We Are a Company You Can Trust!

It may sound like a bold statement, but we really are part of the small minority of web marketing companies you can trust with your search engine optimization. Sceptical? Pick up the phone… We'd love to hear about your goals and explain our process.

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What to Expect

Here's a point form breakdown of how we work with our clients:

  • Everything starts with a consultation. Our methods and what you can expect are fully explained.
  • You provide us access to your website backend for onpage optimization.
  • You are given links to monitor yoursites web traffic and keyword rankings.
  • We do upto 5 hours of work improving your site's user expereince for FREE!
  • We start building top quality links to your site to boost your rankings.
  • Monthly link building reports are available.

What Makes Our SEO Service Different?

In a simple statement, it's the quality of the links we can build to your website. Most SEO companies are using software and fake websites to generate links of such low quality that they refused to show them to you. Inevitably, those low-quality links eventually hurt you in the form of a Google penalty against your site.

We will proudly show you the links we build to your websites from 100% real and legitimate blogs and websites.

What's the big deal about links you're asking? Well, above and beyond any other factor the reason Google will rank a website at the top of their search results is because that website has been mentioned and linked to from many other websites. When somebody takes the time to place a link on their website to another website, that is a vote of confidence and helps to push that site up the Google rankings.

First Steps?

Give us a call to discuss your goals. Together we can determine what's best for you.

Call 1-888-587-2383 ext2

Search Engine Optimization

Before Google will even consider putting you on page 1 for your keywords, they have to see that you are relevant for your keywords. For example, if you are selling dentures to the city of Vancouver, you had better mention 'dentures Vancouver' in a few key places on your website. Optimization also ensures that you have an unintentionally hidden information from Google or otherwise hurt your chances of ranking with your website.

Citation Building

A citation is simply a website mentioning your company with a link to your website, your address and your phone number. These commonly come from directory websites, but could come from other locations also.

Coming from the right websites and directories, these citations have become very important to Google. A local business that wants to rank well in their local community is much more likely to do so if Google can see multiple third-party references that verify their address and website address.

Google Places Optimization

Google is favoring local websites more and more every day it seems. They want to return local businesses for people searching for a product or service locally. Of course, this makes perfect sense. One of the ways they are aware that a website is local is through their Google places service.

Proper optimization of a Google places account can be very beneficial in helping to rank a website well locally.

Number of Keywords

These numbers are really just a starting point. Or a point of focus. When we work to build a site's credibility with Google, that site will ultimately likely rank well for many keywords and variations on those keywords. Google does not match websites and keywords up one at a time. If you are credible enough to rank for one keyword, you will probably rank for many similar keywords.

The numbers indicated here are simply the number of keywords we will 'focus' on. We would focus of course on the highest traffic keywords.

If your keywords are very high competition, we may recommend a higher level package.

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