Staples Brochure Printing

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Staples Brochure Printing

PPbrochures-11IF you are a serious business person, you want everything about your business to say, “Professional”. Why would you print any of your company literature that did not reflect that image?

Many times, the first introduction customers have to your business is the literature they receive in the mail. Perhaps someone comes to your offices because an acquaintance has given you a recommendation. They will learn much about what you have to offer and what professional standards drive you from the literature they pick up in your lobby or waiting room. You want them to come back again and again, passing on the good word about your company to others.

Staples brochure printing may be adequate for a small town business, with not-so-stiff competition and a dependable clientele. But if you want professional quality in your literature, a printing company that specializes in making you look good is what you want.

Printing Peach is just such a company. Based in the GTA, Printing Peach has several years of experience with thousands of very satisfied customers to back up their claims of excellence. We use high quality paper with beautiful finishes and work with you closely to produce exactly what you want. You can choose from many options including paper quality, finish, single or double sided colour, etc.

Because we do a high volume of business with our printers, we can actually offer better prices than local business supply shops, as low as 6 cents per unit. Besides high quality and lower prices, we can deliver your order in record time right across the country.

Just like you, we at Printing Peach aim to be as professional as possible, and professionalism includes great customer service. Let’s work together!

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