Staples Business Cards vs Printing Peach

Business cards can be a serious tool for freelancers, business owners, and people hoping to gain connections through networking. The business card has changed as business itself has in recent times. More people are basically in business for themselves. Many people consider themselves their own brand, and business cards are an excellent way to spread the word and enhance that personal brand.

You can get business cards made in any number of places these days for low prices. Online print stores and office supply stores like Staples and OfficeMax print business cards cheaply at your direction. Staples business cards are pretty standard cards. They are made from templates printed on their business card stock. You can design your own card by uploading a design, but without graphics training, this route is not advisable. Staples business cards have about four choices of card stock texture and color.

All in all Staples is more than capable of providing you with cheap, good-looking, professional business cards without much hassle. They have their limitations, though. Staples is an office supply store first and foremost, and they like to make their products and transactions as automatic and quick as possible. Consider that having Staples business cards that look like everyone else’s might just make you look like everyone else. I mentioned how business cards can help you sell your brand as such to your audience. These days the brands that succeed are innovative, creative, and have their own style. It is difficult to get this kind of representation out of a Staples business card. Your personality should show through a little.

The best way I know of to do this is to get the advice of a dedicated printer and perhaps a graphics professional. If this sounds scary and over your head financially, don’t fret. These services come pretty cheaply these days, and you can come out with a product you love that shows you off in the best way possible. Business cards are tiny billboards for your personal brand. Invest a little time and energy into doing them right, and they’ll work for you in return.