Staples Print and Copy Centre: Are Retail Chains Worth the Cost?

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As a web-based company with local appeal, we work alongside many customers who have abandoned Staples as their primary printing resource. While we’re totally excited to extend our consumer reach, curiosity got the better of us. What was it about this big retail store that converted former customers into smaller business fans? Let’s take a closer look.

Staples ‘In-House’ Service
Sure, Staples offers a variety of printing services that they ship around Canada, but most web submissions and larger orders (eg. advert/marketing materials) are produced in central production facilities of each province. Staples is a prime example of a print and copy centre that doesn’t actually get much done in house, aside from standard colour copying. Many times, global franchises like Staples place more of an emphasis on wholesale-resale value, than high quality products. This doesn’t sit well for many customers who are still charged higher costs for this “in-house service” that gets outsourced to other vendors.

Consumer Complaints
Former clientele who abandoned Staples Copy and Print Centres noted an absence of customer service strategies, when compared to mom-and-pop printing shops. That’s where small businesses prove advantageous. A recent poll featured on surveyed over 1800 Canadian adults who showed their appreciation for SMBs: Nearly 97 percent of participants viewed small business owners as highly motivated, and 96 percent said SMBs produce higher quality work.

Why Choose Printing Peach?
Like many SMBs, we place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction and customizable service options. We’re certainly proud of the feedback we receive on our premium service, excellent product quality and outstanding prices. Since 2007, it’s been our mission to provide superior print and web design solutions for all customers. Give us a call and see why so many of our clients have made the switch from Staples to the stellar services offered by Printing Peach! 1-888-587-2383.