Staples Print Center vs Printing Peach

The Staples print center is one of many such centers in business supply stores around the country that cater to small business owners and individuals that need short runs of printed goods. They have added the print and copy center to their wide array of office supply goods fairly recently to further encourage and promote the ‘one-stop-shop’ usage of the Staples store. No matter what a business owner needs, they should be able to find it at Staples.

For basic usage, the Staples print center is more than serviceable. They have good copiers and print machines to handle your basic documents and copying needs. Their limitations show if you ever need anything more, however. The machines may be able to print just about anything you send to them (and they can handle special jobs like business cards, large banners, and T-shirt printing), but that isn’t always enough to make your printed products shine. The element a really good print project needs is a designer with some know how, and a printer who knows how to get the idea into physical form the best.

The people working at the Staples print center are not printing experts, they are Staples employees. They are trained as operators of the machines and print software in the print center, but it isn’t the only job they do. They probably won’t be able to help you if your job needs more than a little contrast adjustment or some cropping done. For real expert advice on layouts, color correction, and all the other details you don’t even know about, you need to find a printing specialist. These are people whose just it is to make print products look great. They make it a point to concern themselves colors, the weights of paper, bleeds, and the overall look of your work.

If your particular job doesn’t require this kind of specific expertise or you just need to make some copies for work, the Staples print center is more than capable to handle your order quickly, easily, and cheaply while you try out office chairs. But for jobs that count, take the extra step to seek out someone who really knows what they’re doing.