Tried Staples Online Printing and Ready to Make a Switch?

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The behemoth supply chain store once a major printing hub  for Canadian consumers is losing the battle to small business owners.

So, you’ve strayed from the commercial side of wholesale printing services? Wise move! Supporting your local print shop is is the best way to get personalized accents and premium prices; allowing you to save you money while supporting local businesses.

Not So Small, After All
In recent years, the rise in SMBs have done more than contribute locally; they’ve stimulated a nationwide economic boost. Small businesses account for 42 percent of the country’s total GDP – and 28 percent of Canada’s total GDP come from businesses with fewer than 50 employees! A separate poll in 2013 also revealed that over 2.7 million Canadians identified themselves as self-employed.

Personal Touches
Unlike the basic customizing options standard with Staples’ online printing centres, local print shops deliver superior service – at affordable rates. SMBs place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and its potential for continued business, and their industry expertise grants them flexibility in the print and web design services they offer.

Community > Commercial
In addition to the economic contributions small businesses lend to, SMB owners are more inclined to give back to the neighborhood in matters of civic and political support. From modest charity donations to volunteer work for local causes, small businesses understand the value of community efforts.

For quality services that support local communities, avoid chain retailers like Staples online printing centres—and opt for the small shops that excel in all aspects of customer service. 1-888-587-2383.

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