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Posted 6 years ago is one of Canada's leading online print companies. We provide outstandingly low print prices shipped anywhere in Canada all combined with traditional 'mom & pop' style service! Take a look at our print pricing or give us a call now at 1-888-587-2383.

flyers-41Business in the Toronto area can be a “dog-eat-dog” world. Competition is so stiff that multiple businesses go under every year. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference, things like how the public perceives you. What you have to offer may be bypassed because someone else has a better public image. At Printing Peach, we believe we can be one of those business boosters you need.

Printing Peach operates in the GTA to provide the most professional looking printing available. Every flyer, brochure or door knocker you send out, every poster you have placed, every business card you put into the hands of potential customers, sends a message to your target population. You want it to say, “We are professionals. Come to us for the best possible service.”

Printing Peach is a print broker. As such, we do not do our own printing on small, limited-quality equipment, as your local print shop or business supply store does. Instead, over the years, we have identified the large printing companies that produce the best quality products. These companies do not generally deal with the public, but rely on businesses like us to do the customer service with you; they concentrate on producing excellent quality printing on their huge, state-of-the-art, offset presses. Because we do a very high volume of business with them, we benefit from preferred customer pricing; consequently, we are able to offer you low cost products…even lower than the inferior printing you get at Staples, for example.

Printing Peach offers a wide variety of products, with many colour, quality, and volume options to choose from. Check out our website, talk to us, and while you’re at it, read some of the testimonials from very satisfied customers. We’d love to help you become all you could be!

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