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This will be the first of many ‘Customer Highlight’ blog posts we do. There have been many instances where myself or my staff have wound up working with clients for services they provide. Examples include things like credit card processing, graphic design work, plumbing and today’s example VOIP phone services. These relationships are really special and valued to us, so as a small way to give back, we would like to mention these business people and their excellent services on our blog.

Customer Highlight!

Digital Canada Communications – Your Phone Guy!


Digital Canada Communications is owned by a gentleman named Reza. I first came into contact with him early on in our business. I suspect it was around 2008. We printed some marketing material for him. Well his advertising worked… on me! I was intrigued enough to ask him about his services. I have employees spreading across Canada and some in the Philippines also. I needed a phone solution where we could have local GTA numbers and a voice prompt/extension system that all tied together. I had tried various things including:

  • Bell Canada (total disaster, and expensive)
  • Various online solutions (varying degrees of success and moderately expensive)

How was my experience with Reza? OUTSTANDING! I’m really not exaggerating or trying to do him a favor here… he went ridiculously above and beyond basically holding my hand while we got everybody set up and everything working properly. He listened to my rather odd requirements and came up with unique solutions. On top of all that, his pricing was very very competitive.

So, for anybody out there looking to save on their business phone expenses, looking for additional numbers, looking for a software-based phone, regular desk phone etc. etc.… Reza and Digital Canada Communications Is Your Man.


Reach out to him at 416-477-1244.

Ask him about his current special: $35 a month for two business phone lines!

Visit their website at




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