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doorhangers-4Paying someone to hand deliver your door hangers will cost you, but it will pay in the long run. Door hangers are in a unique category of advertising; not only do they get right into the homes of potential customers, but they also get read with far more frequency than flyer-type advertising. It’s hard to ignore a shiny, brightly coloured door hanger when you have to remove it to enter your home!

Because of its popularity, it’s one of Printing Peach’s specialties. We offer three popular sizes, with the choice of colour printing on one or both sides. The finish is AQ, which is shiny without being too highly glossy.

An added touch that can mean the difference in sales for your business is perforation. This tear off portion at the bottom of the hanger, about the size of a business card, will fit nicely into a wallet or pocket for future reference. Every time that wallet is opened, the business is promoted instead of being set aside and forgotten.

Besides the inherent effectiveness of door hangar advertising, Printing Peach can boost this even further with extra high quality products. Our professional designers have a good sense of what will be eye catching but classy at the same time. If you already have some ideas or graphics, we are happy to use them as is, or to enhance them for you. Our designing includes several rounds of revisions if necessary, so that you end up with a product you are really happy with.

Our low prices are the icing on the cake for an already superior product. Our high volume of business with industrial quality printers guarantees low costs for us, and you, in turn, benefit from this.

We at Printing Peach believe that quality and personal customer service matter in your business and ours. We strive to do these well, and would love to add you to the long list of our enthusiastic customers.

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