Vista Prints vs Printing Peach

Vista Prints started with an ingenious idea and became one of the top printing companies in the world. The million dollar idea was to make small batch printing more affordable to individuals and small business owners by treating lots of little print orders like a few large print orders. Large orders can be handled cheaply, and with the advent of digital printing it was possible to group, say, 20 orders of 50 business cards and print them as if they were one order of a thousand. While it may seem simple to make these kind of groupings (for instance, all orders of flyers printed with black ink on blue paper go to one printer, all orders printed with black and red ink on cardstock go to another), Vista Prints’ technique is very efficient and highly technical. It has been expanded upon as their company and offerings have grown and become more so. Their process of handling orders is a company secret in fact, protected by a number of patents.

Vista Prints started by only offering business card printing services, but after a while expanded to include all kinds of printed materials. These days, you can choose what format you would like to print in, pick colors and a template, and get your order delivered in a few days for a low price. Vista Prints’ system relies on standard procedures and automation to work. The design falls almost entirely to the user.

This system works for many Vista Prints users. The company is growing incredibly fast, so they must be doing something right. But companies like The Printing Peach are started with the idea that customers should be taken care of comprehensively, from the start of a transaction to the end. Automation is incorporated when it can be used and when it helps our company and our customers by bringing down prices or making the process go more quickly. When our customers need us to take a look at their layout or give them suggestions, we don’t charge them just to talk on the phone. We’re here first and foremost for the customers.

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