Wide Format Printing Toronto

Wide Format Printing Toronto

posters/wide format printing

Wide format printing refers to orders that are larger than the usual maximum size of 11”by 17”. This includes banners, posters, and signs, each of which has several options. Here are some of the products Printing Peach handles:

  • Coroplast signs; a corrugated plastic inner layer, sandwiched between sheets of fairly rigid plastic; great for stand alone signs!
  • Foamcore signs; similar to Coroplast with an inner layer of foam, not as rigid and great for walls!
  • Banners; any size with varied finishes and extra options for hanging or display.
  • Canvas prints; mounted on a wooden frame or unmounted, for that artistic touch.

Wide format print jobs are generally more expensive than standard sized products. This is due to two factors:

  1. 1/ Customers do not usually need orders in excess of 1 000 for these types of projects. Large printing companies use offset printers to produce high quality product; the set-up time for these presses is long and costly, which makes a small order much costlier per piece than large orders, (greater than 1 000), in which cost is spread over large volume. The output will still be of excellent quality, and may be well worth it.
  1. 2/ Smaller digital printing businesses usually charge per square foot on wide format orders, no matter how many you require, so that larger volume does not equate to larger savings. Quality is inferior with digital printing due to the equipment used in the process.

Obviously, we are somewhat biased 🙂 but we honestly feel that Printing Peach generally offers the best value. As one of the largest Print Brokers in Canada, we do an extremely high volume of business with many printing companies; this gives us lots of ‘buying power’ to leverage lower pricing! We can offer exceptional prices on extremely high quality products and have a huge range of products and services at our fingertips.

In conclusion, certainly the choice is yours and will depend on your needs, i.e. lowest price, highest quality, time-frame etc. If you think Printing Peach could be a good option for you,

feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-587-2383 extension one for print sales.

Or, check out our online pricing.