How To Invest Your Money

If you come into some money or are looking for a way to make yours work better for you it can be a bit of a minefield, with many options available from relatively small amounts of money to huge amounts. Here are a few ways which can still provide good returns despite the still volatile market.

Savings accounts and ISAs: Where most people start when saving their money whilst trying to make it work for them. These offer fairly low rates in terms of return but have their advantages. You can start with very small amounts and gain interest, or get accounts which provide higher rates for having more in them. There are limits on ISAs which have been increased to over 5,000 per person, so can still offer good returns on investment. With a huge range available from different banks, it is best to look around for the best deal for your circumstances.

National Savings and Investments: There are numerous schemes under this category offering various rates. As they are backed by the government, they are totally secure. From monthly or yearly returned products to childrens schemes, they offer tax-free returns and can be obtained from relatively low amounts.

Shares: With higher amounts and the possibility of higher profits come greater risks. Buying into a companys shares can be risky, even for something which seems safe. Shares can increase in value and pay out dividends, but they can also be worthless or even lose their value completely!

Businesses: If you are feeling adventurous and have a good amount of money to invest, it could be worth helping a company start out. Investing in a business and registering a company can give you excellent returns back if you have a good business model. Many people want to start a business and have the ideas, but do not have the money, this is where people who do have the money come in. Starting a business is risky, but if you are willing to invest the money into people, the rewards can be huge.

Commodities: Similar to shares, if you invest in products such as gold, it can give you massive returns. The price of gold has been constantly rising over a long period and shows no real sign of slowing, so even getting on board at this later stage it can still be worth it.

There are lots of different ways to take a position your capital, using your imagination and finding ways to make money can come easily to some, but very difficult for others. If you have the time and inclination you can invest your money more fully and get more out of it, as well as monetary gain at the end!

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