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Common Questions

What to Expect If You Order

You can order online, or call to order by phone at 1-888-587-2383 ext1. You can expect a beautiful product in a timely manner from friendly professionals! Read what to expect step-by-step what to expect.

What Does AQ, UV, Etc. mean?

These are different types of gloss finishes. AQ means glossy, UV mean high gloss. We could explain it further, but it's much better to see for yourself. Most of our products have a product video.

How Long Will it Take?

Postcard printing usually takes 4-5 business days (this is just a general guideline) but rush orders are sometimes available. This does NOT factor in your file preparation time or shipping times all of which can vary dramatically. Please call for a more complete turnaround estimate at 1-888-587-2383 ext 1.

File Preparation

Here's the most common file prep questions and their answers:

Q: Can you design my graphics for me?

A: Yes!! We can design your Postcard for a flat fee of just $94. Read more.

Q: Can I use my own graphics?

A: Yes! You will be asked to upload your files in the cart. We will set up your files for you but if you wish, you can set them up on our blank templates.

Q: Can I design online?

A: No. We feel our low cost design service is a much better option. The effectiveness of your advertising will be hugely affected by the quality of your graphics.

Who We Are

We believe that low prices should not come at the expense of great service. We also believe that ordering print online can be a wonderful and convenient experience. We've been delivering high-quality print products to our clients since 2007 and we're always looking to to improve the quality of our services! Read more about who we are here.

Still have Questions? Don't hesitate! Call 1-888-587-2383

It's my first order. How does this work?

This is a common questions :-) . Here is a step-by-step walk-through:

  • You can call us to order over the phone at 1-888-587-2383 ext709, or add products to your cart to check out online.

  • If you order online, you will be asked to upload print files for your products, or design instructions if you chose our design service.

  • We will send you proofs generally within 24 hours of receiving your graphics or design instructions. You should DEFINITELY look your proofs over very carefully before approving because you are effectively saying “this is what I want”, and if there is a mistake in the proofs, you have accepted responsibility for that mistake. As the customer, you are responsible to proofread and review proofs because you are most familiar with your correct phone number, address, spelling of your business name etc. If there is a mistake or an issue, let us know and we will correct it and send corrected proofs.

  • Once you have approved your proofs, your job is sent to print. The majority of products are manufactured within 4 to 5 business days of you approving your proofs. The exception to this would be presentation folders which take 6 to 7 business days to manufacture.

  • Shipping time within the Greater Toronto Area is always 1 business day even with UPS standard delivery method. Shipping to the Prairies is generally 3 business days, British Columbia 4 to 5 days, and the East Coast 4 to 5 days. 1 days Express shipping is available for anywhere in Canada at an additional charge.

Can you rush my order?

In many cases, yes we can. Additional fees will most likely apply. These fees will vary depending on the time frame and products involved.

Please call us immediately if you have a rush order to place at 1-888-587-2383 or Text 289-975-9956 ext 1

We Can Design Your Postcard for $94!

We can design your Postcard for a flat fee of just $94! This includes your initial design +4 rounds of revisions for 5 versions total which is more than enough 95% of the time. Additional rounds of revisions will cost $15 each.

This small additional investment on your part can often mean a much more effective marketing piece and a much more profitable marketing campaign. Read more about how it works here or call us at 1-888-587-2383 or Text 289-975-9956 to discuss.

More Info on Postcards

If you don't see your questions answered here or in the product video, absolutely give us a call. Happy to help and able to accommodate almost any request.


Different Product Types

All of our postcards come standard on a 14 or 16 point thickness card stock. This is nice and heavy. Postcards you receive in the mail generally range between 8pt-14pt. The difference between the two is very little, so if you're set on a semi-gloss (AQ) finish, don't let the 14pt thickness deter you.

They come in three different finishes/coatings:

AQ (stands for aqueous) and is probably the most common finish for postcards. It's a nice consistent magazine quality gloss finish. It's what is most commonly used on advertising mailers and is a middle of the road level of glossiness or could be considered a semi-gloss.

UV (stands for ultraviolet) and is a high-gloss finish. Nice for very colourful graphics or just when high-gloss is the desired look. We offer "UV Gloss on Front Only" as well as "UV Gloss on Both Sides. We offer this because UV is such a high gloss that it can't be written on with a pen. Some people like to have one side without the gloss in case they want to write one side. In that case you'd order "UV Gloss on Front Only".

Matte Coating is a coating just like AQ or UV except it has a very low sheen. It might be described as satin. People often think that Matte means there is no coating at all but this is not the case. No coating is simply called 'uncoated'.

Canada Post Distribution

If you intend to distribute your postcards with Canada post, you will be happy to know that all of our postcards sizes stocks and product types are within their specifications. HOWEVER, They will require that they be bundled in groups of 100. Please call to request this special feature.

Standard Size

People often ask if there is a standard size for postcards. The answer is yes and no. While there is no truly 'standard' size the most common size is probably the 4" x 6" size simply because this is the most commonly used size for tourist postcards, although there is even variation for that application.

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