Kinkos Printing vs Printing Peach

When you go into Kinkos printing center, you can expect your experience to be relatively fast (unless your order is complicated or involves some extra steps like cutting and binding), cheap, and easy. Like a lot of other print centers at stores like Staples and OfficeMax, Kinkos printing is built for efficiency. Coupled with FedEx stores in all locations, Kinkos printing and copying is definitely a ‘get in-get out’ sort of operation. The whole experience for customers is centered around convenience, and it’s often true that the more time a person spends in a store like Kinkos the less they feel like they were taken care of and the less pleased they are with the experience.

This means that you usually have to do the work on the front end of the process to get your document to look the way you want it to. If you are printing posters or a large sign, Kinkos printing services can handle it, but you shouldn’t expect much help in terms of getting the look of the poster right. Their technicians can look at a poster before it is printed and tell if it will need small adjustments like brightness or cropping changes, but little beyond.

Here’s what you’ll get out of a Kinkos printing experience: they will print whatever document you give them faithfully on their professional-quality machines. Sometimes getting great printed products is about more than getting them printed on pro-grade printers, though. Most small business owners know what a good poster looks like, but they may not be able to put one together themselves. They probably don’t know much about the technical aspects of printing. When it comes to print jobs that need a little more tender loving care, companies like The Printing Peach step up with printing services that are customer service based. You won’t get your documents printed the same day you order them, but you will have real experts talking to you, making sure they know what you want and making sure that you get it in the end.

You’ll be pleased to find that these services don’t come with a huge price tag, either. Competition and electronic commerce make it possible to offer great-quality printing services with serious customer service along with it. Kinkos printing center does what it does well: convenience based printing, quick and cheap. When you need something a little more involved, know that you have the option of friendly, inexpensive printing at The Printing Peach.