Serious about starting your own restaurant?

If you're serious about starting your own restaurant or if you want to ensure the success of your business, it's crucial that your employees take a local food handlers course. These courses cover everything you need to know about proper food safety and equip you with the essential knowledge to safely handle food. Taking a basic but thorough food handlers course will put you and your employees on the right track to food safety. Whats more, state and federal regulations require that all restaurant employees be certified to handle food. With this in mind, obtaining certifications for those who don't already have them should be the managements first and foremost priority.

Its also useful to put yourself in your customers shoes. Take a step back and ask yourself, Are my employees the types of people I would enjoy accepting food from? Do the cooks, bussers, and other kitchen staff members appear sanitary and competent? No less, it's critical to make sure that your kitchen staff is able to properly cook anything on the menu to the correct temperature and with a sense of confidence.

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In the kitchen, the most important practices you want your staff to maintain are proper sanitation, the consistent ability to cook food to a safe temperature, and working knowledge of equipment and upkeep. However, even the most experienced kitchen can become a madhouse when it's busy, so the managing staff should still always keep a watchful eye on the kitchen. Additionally, a sad but true fact of the restaurant industry is that once employees adjust to the environment and the pace, it becomes easier for them to slack in any of the areas they work in. This is especially alarming for kitchen workers because the kitchen is the most dangerous place in the restaurant a moments lack of attention can hurt not only your employees but your customers as well.

Careless handling can also result in injuries and sanitation issues; and it's not uncommon for customers to become sick after eating your food as a result of a negligent, inexperienced cooking staff. Needless to say, this is nothing you'd ever want happening in your restaurant, but that's why it's vital for all of your staff to be on the same page. Although a cook and busser may have two different jobs, safety should be a universal language in any kitchen. At Willies, all our staff members receive the same safety training. Without uniform safety training, it can be very difficult to communicate safety matters efficiently and effectively. All staff members get certified to handle food and are cross-trained to deal with everything that encompasses our main business operations.

Of course, try your best to also prevent things such as slips and falls. A good idea to safeguard against slippery floors is to keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered. Establish a routine or a system that notifies staff when the floor is wet or when there are people coming through, in order to avoid falls and collisions. Also, remember to set a certain dress code or deem what is appropriate or inappropriate. While this may not be directly related to safety, establishing this kind of code ahead of time helps avoid awkwardness and confusion for employees, helping everything run smoothly. Finally, it's worth repeating that you make sure to take your local food handlers course and double check that all of your employees have taken it as well. You should collect a scanned copy of all of their certifications as well to keep on file, just as a good practice.

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