Accelerating Into 2010

New year, new ventures. Over the past few weeks I have continued to work on my new business venture in the hopes of quietly launching it before the end of this month. While I achieved my original goal of completing the site by the end of 2009, it was still not ready to launch. Domain names, technical issues and more plagued me. It was a new year and I needed a new outlook.

I found new excitement last week when I took the opportunity to pitch this business to Startup Chicks. The pitch would offer me the opportunity to participate in the Startup Chicks Accelerator Program. I also had the opportunity to practice my pitch the night before at Startup Gauntlet.

So I'm looking at updating my site, I'm thinking along these lines... Altering my user interface like these folks? I dig it!

The program not only offered me the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the Startup Chicks Advisory Board; but also networking and sharing information with nine other startups in the program. This would be the first program of it's kind for women starting businesses in Atlanta, and while I was apprehensive, I really wanted to be part of this! So while I continued to work on fine tuning my website, I needed to complete my Executive Summary and prepare a slide presentation of 5 slides. The criteria to pitch was:

  • must be a startup chick (female founder)
  • need a well-formulated idea
  • committed to working in business for at least 10 hours / week.
  • willingness to be coached
  • willingness to spend min. of 5 hours in coaching program/month

Flash forward to the competition. For those of you that have never been involved in pitch competition, it is truly remarkable. So after each of us presented our pitches, the judges excused themselves to vote. In order to win, we we're judged on:

  • viability of idea/growth potential
  • credibility of founding team
  • ability to be coached

And even though there we're great prizes for the top three winners, thanks to the generosity of the Advisory Board, we soon discovered that we would all spend the next 90 days working together receiving coaching and sharing information. So regardless of the results, we we're all winners! I can only imagine where these businesses will be in 90 days!

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Oh, I guess you want to know the results. Well, I didn't win. But I did come in second! I did win some amazing prizes, but as I have already stated, the community that we will build together as a team will help us move our businesses forward and learn from each other. I can hardly wait to share more with you after our first meeting.

Notes - Certainly worth giving a read. - Call these people on a regular basis.

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