Fastest Way to Make Money without Money

If you are serious in making money, you had probably tried a few ways on making money, online or not, and probably discovered that some works and some not.

After years in business and trying different things, I've come to increase my expectations and always ask the same question:Is there something better and faster?

I was recently talking with someone i know at BeaconSeniorAdvisors the other day, they run a special New Jersey based senior placement agency that cares. Anyhow, they motivated me to publish this particular blog post so I thought it was worth mentioning them.

All money-making techniques will involve some degree of investment, either the investment is from your wallet or your time, or both. This article of making money involves time rather than money.

The answer to the fastest way to make money without money is to sell as fast as you can. But before you sell, you need a product to sell. Something that you can sell fast and lasts for a long time.

If you are business owner, you may find the following questions a check list for you to design a great business plan.

Today, I was giving a preview talk to recruit new agents for our company. The opportunity that our company had designed attempts to be the "Best" as much as possible. By defining the "Best" would be the fastest and safest way possible to make tons of money.

Even though the topic of this article is about the "fastest way", but at the same time I have added "safe way" into the recipe just to be the "Best". It is no point that when we found a great way to make money and soon it becomes a thing of the past.

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Since I have prepared the information, I think that it would be nice to share some interesting points here with you.

Here are the criteria to look for if you want to search for the "Best" way to make money in Fastest and Safest category.

Criteria for Fastest Way

  1. Is it a great product?
    Does the product offer something that solves a common problem or a desirable item to have. Do you want it yourself?
  2. Is the product proven?
    Does it work as claimed? Any customer case studies? How long it exists or matured over the time?
  3. What is the potential to grow?
    Do you have a big market to grow or restricted to a limited / niche market competing with many others?
    Is the market saturated with too many people involved in this product already?
    Is the product new in the market? Does the market knows or ready for such product or is there a lot of market education to be done?
  4. Is there any easy Spin-Offs?
    Does the opportunity have methods for you to generate spin-off business? Either customers give referrals to you, buy more, upgrade or renew further.
  5. How much time you need?
    What is the scope you need to do? Do you just sell or you need to support the product as well? How much time to spend on marketing and sales? Is the a way to generate leads for you to save time on marketing?
  6. Can it sell quickly?
    Don't sell products that have a long sales-cycle. Those are in the high-risks, high-rewards category.
    Do it only when you have taken care of your basic income and can afford the risks.If possible, sales can be closed in three meetings or less.

Criteria forSafest Way

  1. How long can it last? Is the product easily switchable?
    Can the customers change to another product easily? What is the nearest competitor? How expensive or painful is it for your customers to change to competitor's product?
  2. Do they have great team?
    What is the mission of the company?
    Does the company that sells the product have a great team to provide sales and technical support? Are they reliable?
  3. Is there any protection for you?
    Is there any territories or limit to the number of people to be in the system? Any protection to ensure that your customers will not be hijacked by others in the same company?
  4. Does it have passive-income model?
    Can you generate continuous income from a sale? For how long? How certain that the continuity would not break.
    Can you recruit your own agents and generate passive income from overriding commissions?
  5. Most importantly, does it have a long-term income model?
    What is the income model? How much is the commission?
    Is there a income-continuity for the product? E.g. Products that are renewable yearly you have earning potential every year.
  6. Can delivery cope with the sales?
    If you managed to sell more, can the company deliver as quickly as you are selling it?

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In summary, you'll need to ask yourself the questions above while evaluating opportunities if you are finding for the fastest (and safest) way to make money.

Never Try, Never Know

Of course, trying it out practically not just theoretically is the best before judging it for yourself whether the opportunity works for you or not. Give yourself a time frame to prove that the opportunity works and you can leverage on it.

I hope this article can save you time from finding the answers the hard way. Have a great time boosting your income!

Notes - Cheers Brenton! I do know you are tremendously busy 🙂 Many thanks for making the time. - You are Incredible!

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