Cheap Logo Design

The importance of a company’s logo shouldn’t be underestimated. Logos are an important marketing tool for your business. They act as the public’s first interaction with your company. As your business grows you should make sure your logo represents your company well. Business owners are frugal folks as a rule (for good reasons, profits don’t come cheap for small businesses). It is tempting to look for cheap logo design, but this really isn’t an area where you should give the job to the lowest bidder.

Going for really cheap logo design for your company tends to miss more than it hits. If you go the route of the bottom-barrel price logo design, do so at your own risk. A really good graphic artist will take your input, listen to your ideas, and bring you a finished product that will work for you. Cheap logo design is often done by graphic artists who just got finished with design school. They work for less partly because they are less proficient in design than seasoned pros. More importantly they lack the experience dealing with clients and making artwork specific to a given company that a long time pro would. Generally speaking, clients don’t know that much about graphic design. They don’t use the same kind of vocabulary that graphics specialists do. Experience teaches graphics experts to translate vague directives like “I want something fun, organic, and edgy” to a real logo that turns out better than the client could have envisioned.

You might hit gold with cheap logo design and find an artist who matches the style you want well. If they understand what you want in terms of color, font, and embellishments, you’re lucky because artists who do work like that are usually paid well for it.

This is not to say you will have to empty your account to get a new logo for your company or organization. There are companies online and individual artists who cater to small business owners and individuals looking for cheaper logos. They have similar experience levels and artistic ability as higher-priced artists, but they have recognized a market and work to supply quality design at a number of price points.