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Never underestimate the power of modest branding strategies. When properly executed, business cards can help accentuate your marketing campaign and expand your customer reach.

Business cards are typically the easiest and most cost-effective way to amplify your branding efforts, without breaking the bank. Recent stats gathered by marketing provider Deluxe tell us some 40 percent of SMB owners rank business cards as the second most effective customer engagement tool—next to good ole’ word-of-mouth, that is.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just a quick run to the closest Staples and voila! Let the ROIs roll in. Well, not quite. Business cards make an awesome addition to your campaign, but let’s not forget the important role presentation plays. Simply having a card means nothing if the design fails to impress, or if you don’t deliver a distinguishable message. Unfortunately for many SMBs on a budget, swapping ‘quality’ for cheaper production costs is a gamble that can render your branding efforts futile at best.

First Impressions Matter.
We’ve all heard the catchphrase: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Not the most inspirational slogan, but certainly the most fitting in matters of branding and reputation. Aside from web design, business cards are the first marketing tools that represent your brand—and nowadays, a lackluster card with low quality graphics are a surefire way to bid adieu to potential buyers. Instead of heading down to any plain print shop, do your research first and select a company with favourable reviews, a wide service range and customizable design options.

Visual Aids Are “In.”
It used to be that business cards were doled out with simple black text against a white background. Not anymore. Nowadays, the success of a business card is widely measured by their striking visual design—and the perks of getting creative contribute more to your campaign than you may realise. Prospective buyers will hold onto colourful business cards 10 times longer than standard white ones, so make sure you employ attention-grabbing graphics, colours and fonts that appeal to consumers. Always remember the goal is to separate your brand from the blasé. Playing it safe by sticking with vanilla probably won’t drive your campaign any further than the waste bin.

For every 2,000 business cards that are distributed, a company’s sales will increase by 2.5 percent. Make sure your SMB isn’t missing out on conversions because of a shotty design! When you need to up the ante on your marketing campaign, rely on Printing Peach: the one-stop solution for quality business cards at affordable rates.