Smart Online Reputation Management Techniques

Remember the old expression that says, a mans only as good as his name? Its even truer today than when it was first written. One negative post or comment on the internet can go viral within minutes, causing irreparable damage to a companys online reputation. It is now critical that you practice smart online reputation management techniques in order to succeed in todays reputation economy.

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The Reputation Economy

Reputation economy is a term coined to describe the importance of a companys online reputation. There are many examples of companies that have become successful with the help of enthusiastic social media users. There are even more tales of businesses that have been doomed to failure when their online reputation was shredded. In this economy, an online reputation can make or break a company.

Online Reputation Management is Key to Success

Online reputation management may be a new skill for many business owners. It involves a variety of tactics, including monitoring what is being said about your business online, strategizing to offset negative posts, and providing positive messages for your customers.

First, conduct your own online search to discover what information others see when they input your name or pertinent keywords relating to your business. Then use tools like Google Alerts, Monitor This, Technorati, and others to help keep you abreast of comments being made online. There is no charge to take advantage of these services and they will alert you whenever a new mention of your business appears online.

Sometimes online reputation management becomes a little overwhelming. It does take time and effort and you already have your hands full with the day-to-day operation of your business. There are now reputable reputation management providers available that can help you guard your businesss online reputation and promote your online presence in a positive way. The investment in their services is a small price to pay for survival in a reputation economy.

Of course, the most important step in reputation management is to avoid giving people a reason to make negative comments online. Providing the best customer service possible and striving to achieve complete customer satisfaction is the secret to making any business succeed. If you do that, you may never find yourself in the position of having to defend your reputation.

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